Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aretha Out, Neil Young In

I've never understood the fascination with Neil Young. He can turn a man into a love-struck boy. When they hear his clear high pitch, they're lured as though by the pied piper, by promises of immortality and eternal boyhood that instead end up in a coke-hole. He even kind of looks like a child-molester, now that I think of it. And there's his last name. Its not just eternal boyhood these boys desire, but sexy eternal boyhood, like that of Legalas the Elf. Neil Young is not even sexy to women, I don't think, but he is to men.

I don't want to argue about the eminence of Neil Young. I know I'm a blogger and all, but this doesn't mean I know everything (I'm sorry to break it to you this way); a lot of the time, all I have is my opinion and the means to spin it. But since I have the floor here, let me say, replacing Aretha with Neil Young is like ravaging the garden of delight to clear space for a scare-crow. You can't argue with Aretha. All one has to do is say her (first) name, and everybody gets quiet. She's the embodiment of strong, reaching womanhood to Young's frail, lonesome ingenuousness.

Aretha reneged on her plan to perform this Jazz Fest because she's tired. Sometimes a matriarch has to hold her place and call the children to gather round.


Anonymous said...

Head in the clouds, singing at the top of your lungs, lord praisin' can be just as disingenuous. It's all asthetics. What the two have in common is sincerity. He sings sad songs, she sings sad songs. she sings about revelation, as does he.

Alexander J said...

Neil Young writes songs, some of the best of the 20th century. He's not for everyone, but he never stopped expressing himself; perhaps you can say that us young men (if I can call myself that) utilize his music as a backdrop while we violently/pathetically cling to the last vestiges of our fading youth; this is much more evident in the case of those who are going bald at 22.

Neil Young lost his two best friends to Heroin overdoses in a 4 month period back in the early 1970's. You and I both know Tonight's The Night is more raw than lemon juice on a fresh wound.

I suppose this post was a direct reaction to some NO-centric thing that has no bearing on my "real world", but I'm sorry to see you must tear down an artist on the basis of his not so secretly homosexual fanbase.

It is true that 9 out of 10 douchebags who play guitar trade the last waltz story about the rotoscoped cocaine goober in ol' shakey's nose, it's also a fact that NY's father was a prominent sportswriter up in Toronto.

Tyson Chandler's trade got rescinded! Oh boy-o.


Anonymous said...

Neil Young fucking blows. Don't know anyone that really likes him.