Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Wanting All the Music

Somebody please school me in how to download Bit Torrents!

I want all the music. Maybe I won't even listen to all of it. There will be duds but I will know they are duds. For the record, I'll have all the records. In an age when you can have it all, why suffer from anxiety about missing spaces in your Itunes library?

It's a masculine trait, really, the need to know all the stuff, boast the repertoire, whip out the goods, in case you were doubting. So as a female, maybe I feel the need even more, to compensate for my fickle, errant ways. Which aren't necessarily gendered, it's just that we are better at turning them into charming. Whimsical, and randomly-beckoned, I dream of Van Morrison but won't give Neil Young the time of day; Bjork is a goddess to me but I'd rather skip over Regina Specktor. The Band is my favorite four-some.

I like music the way I like people. Individuals who move me. I don't trust a "scene," and i don't like all the people at the party. This is why Pandora actually ruins music for me...

So who cares? I ain't no monkey but I know what i like. This music sounds like the way I want to be, and that doesn't.

The moral question for every woman or man: why encumber yourself with knowledge when you can more easily endear your freewheeling self? Is that choosing wisdom over knowledge, or the superficial over the real; or is it about knowing yourself, strengths and limitations? Being an artist over a scholar? So many dichotomies.

Well, this post sure went its own way...but I'm serious about them bit torrents...


Anonymous said...

Kate, check it out:

Get yo ticket in yo hand!

Alexander J said...

First of all, the Band was a 5 piece group; I don't know if you were omitting Garth or Richard Manuel, but I cannot let someone of your mental caliber make these kind of mistakes. Unless it was intentional to go with the acceptable "whimsy" of females who desire voluminous record collections.

You should just get zipeg and find as many blogs as you can.

I hope Fat Tuesday is a blast. There's carnival in Cádiz tomorrow.

Also, I just posted an album you should dl on the blurg.

Jake said...

emusic is a good investment.

Hunter said...

subscribe to a billion blogs (by following links from blogs you like)

use soulseek for miscellany

a lot of people use but I don't know anything about that