Friday, February 13, 2009

OCD as a Strategy

From now on, I will sleep literally eight hours every night; no more, no less. If I go to bed at 12:29, then I will rise at 8:29. If I set the alarm, and then go brush my teeth, I will have to check the clock and adjust my wake-up time by the minutes just elapsed. This way, I will officially literally exactly have had the adequate hours of sleep you're supposed to have to be a productive, lively person.

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Alexander J said...


Do you have the Band album Moondog Matinee? It's decidedly mediocre, but maybe you should listen to the song "Saved" on heavy rotation.

scionsh-something about jesus, and jesu, joy of man's desires and non-topical blogging.

While we're on the topic, I was thinking that you are due to drop some staggering long form prose; wanna co-author a paper on repackaging?